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Mobile: 0427 031 965
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There are many reasons why you might want to add an extension to your home, and the desired result will affect how you choose to go about it.
– a growing family will need more bedrooms
– you might want a second living area
– running a small business from home that requires your clients to access without coming through the house
– increasing the value of your home for resale
-adding a second bathroom or larger laundry
And so many other possibilities.

Having a discussion with your builder before any plans are drawn is a great way to maximise the usefulness of your renovation and hopefully minimise overcapitalising on your home. Ask yourself how long you think you might be staying in your home. If you are there for the long term think about what your household might look like in ten years, will there be a child born in future (or two or three) or are your kids ready to move out. If you think you might sell in the nearer future then you need to look at what other homes are like in the area, what size homes have the best resale value (like four bedrooms, or homes with ensuite) and make sure the build costs will mirror potential sale growth.

It is often quite exciting thinking about a grand new addition but bigger is not always better, some spaces work better being more intimate. You don’t want to have to use binoculars to see the TV on the opposite wall, or maybe have to buy a bigger TV.

Looking online at bathroom renovations can also be misguiding with that big, beautiful open plan ensuite with freestanding bath in mind. There are many square meters of tiles in those rooms, and more floor space to mop. Discuss what you need to achieve in the new space, what kind of fittings or furniture you would like to put in and use that as a guide for sizing your space. The outside aesthetics are important too. You want the shape of the addition to fit with your roof lines and not interfere with existing yard space too much.

Use your builder’s knowledge and experience to help turn your ideas into your perfect home. We are here to get the most out of your renovation and often can suggest innovative ways to finish your addition.

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